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Manage power on, shutdown and sleep modes of your networked PCs centrally
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March 26, 2014

About Auto Shutdown Manager

Auto Shutdown Manager lowers costs for electricity, saves time and improves security.

Key features:

>> Idle Shutdown TimerThe Idle Shutdown Timer can be made dependent on running applications or the utilization of background processes - as well as almost any other system component such as network throughput, CPU or HDD load and even the sound level of the microphone – if desired. This ensures the maximum of savings by avoiding unwanted shutdowns.>>Scheduled ShutdownA shutdown can be programmed for any time or different time patterns such as daily at 11pm or every Friday night at 2am.>> Save Documents and Flexible ShutdownsNot only the shutdown mode can be selected flexibly for different times– such as standby, hibernate, restart or power off depending on weekday or time-- but also if open documents should be saved automatically before the shutdown gets executed.>> Wake UpMachines can be awoken via a Timer from sleep – or via Wake On Lan from a central server. Auto Shutdown Manager supports so called local broadcasts, directed broadcasts as well as WOL Proxies to make sure Wake On Lan works across different Networks, VLANs and even the Internet.>> Client Server ModelAuto Shutdown Manager can operate as a standalone installation or in a client server model. An Auto Shutdown Manager Server can manage thousands of clients; manage their settings by groups, policies, WOL schedules, maintenance plans, statistics and much more. This allows an easy and reliable management of thousands of clients from a single central place.>> ReferencesASDM is being used by hudreds of thousands of power users, universities, schools and colleges, small, medium and large sized enterprises and some fortune 500 companies from all over the world.Get a free trial for 45 days and test one of the most advanced PC Power Management solutions on market. After the 45 days the trial release converts into a Light Edition which can be kept for private use.

Changes in this version:

WoL Proxy feature added - now WoL works across networks and VLANs w/o the need to enable Directed Broadcasts

( By EnviProt - Auto Shutdown Manager Publisher )

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